Sunday, February 15, 2015

This is love...

The real love--the difficult, daily grind love--comes after the Valentiney stuff is over.  This is real love for me today.  I sent these random statements/questions to Tim this morning.  He talks me down from the ledges.  He brings stability when I have none.  This is the love, people...

**Below is a real email conversation between Mr. Wood and me.  Blue words are me; black words are Mr. Wood.  Sadly, I took some of the [in my opinion] funniest random statements out because, although I'm typically an open book, my book is not THAT open...hahaha.

do you still have staff meeting when holston isn't there?
i absolutely love getting to go to church as a family and going to breakfast and i wouldn't change it EVER too
i almost equally dislike that it is dark when you get home on Sundays. it makes me have a sort of mini depression each week that i have to talk myself out of. the last few weeks, making pizza has helped the depression. i'm trying to talk myself out of making pizza today.
do some cleaning, read some, put some clothes away, read some more, plan a healthy supper, read some more, I'll be home by 7:30
no matter how often i sort and put away and throw away the things on my desk and on the dining table, the piles come back with a vengeance. the papers...i can't take the papers...
if you need there to be a different system let me know
thank you for listening. feel free to comment.
you're welcome

:)love you.

love you too