Wednesday, June 3, 2015


This is the first day of summer break that I haven't had at least one place to be at some point during the day.  Tim and the boys have come and gone and will do so again this evening, but I am still at home in my 1988 Space Camp t-shirt and leggings, my hair pulled up and pinned out of my eyes with a bobby pin.

Oh, I've put some clothes away (trying to chip away at the Mt. Everest that is my clean clothes pile), done some work on the computer, tried a new recipe with some blueberries that were about to go bad, made lunch, washed some dishes, thought about spray painting some lamps...but none of those things were required of me today.  There is nothing pulling at me in this day.

I need these days.  I need to just be.  I need space to think and dream and compose emails in my mind as I sit in the quiet (or not-so-quiet, as the case may be).  I need the margins to be empty some days.  It is in the being that I remember who I am; these are the moments when God's very spirit speaks life into me and reminds me of who I am supposed to be both in the stillness and in the busy.

The "being" days...I need to make sure they happen on a regular basis.