Friday, February 26, 2016

love, kindness, grace...

...three things sorely lacking in so many facebook posts or discussions regarding political leaders or aspiring political leaders.

For those of us who claim to know Jesus as our Savior and Lord, these things must be present in our posts and discussions.  Who would want to be part of a family of believers who speak so cruelly and hatefully about people simply because they disagree with them?  I'm not sure if I want to be in relationship with folks who speak this way about other humans.  In fact, when you speak this way, I start to think I might prefer hanging out with the very folks you are speaking of over you.

President Obama is someone's husband, father, best friend, golfing buddy, college roommate...just like you and I are.  Simply because you disagree with his politics, should you classify him as evil or vile or wicked or stupid or an idiot (all things I have heard in discussion or on posts from Christ-followers in reference to Obama and other politicians just in the last week)?  Have you ever disagreed with your college roommate or your uncle or aunt about something?  Did you then go on to describe him or her as evil?  I hope not!  We can disagree without being hateful or rude or unkind.  You are better than this.  Christ calls...yes, to be better than this.

Do you disagree with policies, attitudes, beliefs, and decisions?  Press on in your disagreement.  Have intelligent, productive discussions about it.  Post insightful thoughts that help others see truth.  But, for the sake of all that is good and holy, stop being mean.

And one more thing, just because I follow Christ, don't assume that I hate President Obama and that I'm a staunch Republican...ask me what I think instead.  And then, when we find out that we disagree on some things, we can both treat each other with love, kindness, and grace.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Some stuff I like...

The Wood family is saving for a common goal.  All five of us are making sacrifices.  I think it's ironic that I can always find things I would love to have when I am in a season of not spending, but when I have a wad of birthday money in my purse, I can't really find anything I'd like to buy.  So, I'm creating this blog of "some stuff I like" so that, the next time I have a wad of cash, I can consult this list.

Who doesn't love Converse?  And rainbow pixel Converse?  Woah!!

I have wanted these stacking rings for SO long.  I can't decide if I would get one for each of the boys' names or something to do with my hot and sexy husband that I would wear alongside my wedding ring...either way, I would love to have one or three of these.

Strawberry Lemon Ice makes me think of spring break and summer.  I always stock up on Yankee Candles at Christmas time, but I typically buy wintery smells.  I think I could really benefit from this fragrance in our home!!

These pencils are SO cool!  They are bendy (bendable?  How do you say that??), they have amazing erasers, AND they are rainbow colors!!!  A few of my students brought these at the beginning of the year, but they have long since been used up because everyone knows how straight-up cool they are!

I am fairly certain I have never paid this much for a pair of shoes or any item of clothing, BUT if someone wanted to give me these, I would not refuse.  Have you jumped on the Bootie bandwagon yet?  I haven't, but these are calling out to me.

I would like to have a girlie suitcase that my boys will not want to use.

We grill outside on the gas grill all year long, even in the snow, BUT sometimes The Pioneer Woman does super cool things on her stovetop grill pan, and I want to be like her!!

I would like to have about ten of these.  A life rule for me is that a woman can never have too many wire baskets.  I would put pillows, afghans, papers, balls of yarn, or maybe even Simon in them.

I LOVE 5s and Ws.  I will take them anytime I can get them!  These are some great vintage letters and numbers.


What things would go on your list?  What stuff do you like?