Sunday, November 22, 2015

Advent...Gettin' Ready for Jesus

A couple of days ago, the cousins and Auntie and Uncle Dave came to visit overnight.  We don't do a thorough house cleaning or anything..we love 'em too much to try to impress 'em...but there ARE some things we do to get ready for their arrival.  We make sure the nerf darts are stocked.  We make sure we have just the right beverages and snacks.  We have board games and card games in mind just in case we decide to go that direction.  We know EXACTLY the things we want to talk to them about, to catch up on all of our journeys.  We prepare our house; we prepare our hearts.

The same is true for Jesus...we celebrate his birth on Christmas Day, but we can spend the month of December preparing our home, preparing our hearts.  I wrote up a simple explanation for our small group Bible study peeps of what our family does...not because we are experts, but just because we've tried some stuff.  Sharing it here in case anyone else would like some ideas...

Follow this link to view Wood Family Advent ideas.