Saturday, July 26, 2008

My mama and I took the two bigs to Colts Camp today at Rose Hulman. It was pretty cool to watch them practice. Ezra was not a happy camper most of the time we were there because he really thought he was there to play football with them. I know, it sounds cute, but it wasn't actually cute at all. He was a mess. He wanted to know where the locker room was and where his pads and helmet were. He did not want to do any of the fun kid things such as bouncy tents or slides because HE WAS THERE TO PLAY FOOTBALL!!! Grammie was trying to buy him a souvenir, and he was out of his mind because he wanted the lady at the counter to give him his pads and helmet. It was so bad that, after he calmed down, he had to go back to the lady and tell her sorry for the way he acted. I know with everything in me that this passion will one day serve the kingdom of God in incredible ways, but this exhausted mama is having trouble seeing the big picture today.

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