Monday, September 28, 2009

Might As Well Face It Monday

My friend, Missy, started this Monday post on her blog, so I'm following suit--well, at least for today, no promises for the future.

So, I was planning on writing about how I might as well face it that I'm the only one in the house with the skills to empty the dishwasher or maybe just put the dishes into the dishwasher instead of leaving them on the counter (even when the dishwasher's empty!) and how I'm just going to have to face the fact that I'm the only one living here who knows how to flatten boxes and put them in the recycling rather than leaving them to pile up on the counter or empty the trash instead of just putting more in and letting it overflow...BUT then I read Missy's might as well face it for today, and, well, I would have been griping, so I'm left with figuring out a new "Might As Well Face It Monday".

Hmmm...well, I might as well face it, all of that griping aside, I live with a pretty special group of people...

There's Tim, the love of my life, my very favorite person to hang out with, my handsome love, my only boyfriend ever, the man of my dreams...I love that he gets up before all of us and spends time with his Jesus, I love that he cares deeply about all of our feelings, I love that he puts the boys to bed EVERY night. I might as well face it...he's fabulous!

Then there's firstborn, the one who taught me how to be a mama, my sweet sweet boy, my responsible helper...I love that he notices if I'm sad or stressed out, I love that he is so very diligent with his school work, I love that he is kind. I might as well face it...he's so much fun!

Well, and now comes Ezra...our middle child, the one who reminds me of my sweet daddy, the one who is ever amazing me (or should I say "shocking me")...I love that he lives to make us smile and laugh, I love that he is so concerned and interested in his friends, I love that he loves to pray and read about Jesus. I might as well face it...he's one of a kind!

The youngest of our brood comes next...Simon, the baby, the one who adores his older brothers, the one who gives good hugs and loves to snuggle, our fiesty little guy...I love that he can't wait to hug and kiss everyone when he hasn't seen us in awhile, I love that he loves strawberry milk and shouts "yes!" when he sees the refrigerator door open, I love that he loves other people and makes them smile. I might as well face it...he is so very sweet!

You thought I was done..but there's one's Don, our intern at church who's been living with us since May, who we've known since he was just a bit older than Isaac, who watches House with us every single night...I love that he loves our boys and invests in them, I love that Simon LOVES to snuggle with him, I love that he is so grown up and responsible and smart and kind. I might as well face it...he's a great addition to our family and I'm going to miss him when he leaves in November!!!

I might as well face it...I don't feel like griping about the chores anymore. I'm a girl who has a fantastic house full of people...might as well face doesn't get much better than that!!!

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Jen K said...

I absolutely LOVED this, Jen! :~)