Monday, October 5, 2009

Surprised by Photos

Do you remember my post about taking Hal Enkoff's senior pictures (I just love to write that name because it's my maiden name and sometimes I miss it!)? Well, I've now taken Jordan's senior pictures, and I also have some appointments for more senior pictures and some family pictures.

I really do enjoy taking pictures and "messing" with them on the computer. I am struck with surprise and joy when I think that perhaps I could do this as a little job. Thanks, sweet Father, for blessing me with this scrumptious surprise!! I'm sharing a couple of Jordan's pictures and my little "ad card" for senior photos.

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Alana said...

How great, Jen! Hope your new endeavor goes well!

Jacki said...

Great idea, Jen. You're so creative that this is the perfect fit for you.