Monday, December 21, 2009


Outside My Window... a little snow and a cat on the porch who doesn't belong to us and WON'T GO AWAY!!

I am listening to... Smallville in the living room (the 5th or 6th episode since yesterday at this time!) and quiet quiet quiet on the baby monitor (yippee!!)

I am wearing... jeans and a fuzzy (our name for fleece sweatshirts)

I am thankful...for Christmas break, a warm house, grace, coffee, my four guys, and friends, in no particular order

I am pondering... the healthcare bill, but I don't want to talk about it because you'll probably be surprised by what I think and I HATE arguing about it so PLEASE don't comment about it...just know it's what I'm pondering. :)

I am reading...I started
Les Miserables in October, but have not found a moment to read it since then. Perhaps I should get off of this computer and go read it.

From the kitchen... plans for toffee and chocolate chip cookies, haven't given a thought to we have any entertainment money left???

I am creating...pillows and pictures.

I am thinking... that I should NOT have brought up the healthcare bill. :)

I am going... to have a really fun week with family.

Around the house... Christmas is in the air, Lou has become an inside dog, toys are out but the house is is good.

One of my favorite things... sitting on the couch with Tim after the boys go to bed

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Kathy said...

Peace swept over me as I read that. :-)