Friday, July 2, 2010


Some years, it seems we are completely on top of summer home maintenance. You know...the weeds are battled, the mulch is spread, the flowers are watered, the lawn is not only mowed but "weed-eatered" too. Then other years (like this one), we are doing well to just get the lawn mowed before it turns into a hay field. Yesterday, as I was hurriedly mowing the back yard before it was time to leave for a baseball game, I decided that it's ok. This year, we're more interested in baseball (both Isaac's games and playing in the yard), homemade ice cream, Rummikub, swimming, and loving on each other. I have a feeling the weeds and black plastic (the kind that appears when you never get around to mulching) will be there when we are ready.

Here's our little 3rd baseman, down and ready.

This last picture was Isaac caught in a pickle. Unfortunately, the blue team got him out. Daddy promptly went over to the dugout and reiterated the importance of not getting off of the base too far when you're leading off.

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Angie said...

Isaac is SO grown up! Can't believe it!'s all overrated! Just enjoy the great summertime! By the looks of my house, I am! ;)