Sunday, September 12, 2010

A new chapter...

Our family is getting ready to turn the page to a new chapter of life. For nine years, Tim has been the youth minister at FCC in Marshall. This has been our lives. Our boys have continually had this group of older siblings who have loved them and taught them (some good stuff and some not so good stuff) and played with them and invested in them. Tim and I have been surrounded by jr and sr high students who have loved us, challenged us, grown with us, worshipped with us, and laughed with us.

Starting September 27th, Tim will become a chaplain at the federal prison. In other words, he will no longer be the youth minister and we will no longer be the youth minister's wife and kids. Although Tim will not be worshipping there on Sunday mornings, our family will still remain a part of FCC.

My heart is is a mixture of excitement and sorrow, hope and dread...a mixed bag of happy and sad.

I am feeling thankful today that the One who calls us is faithful. He has gone before us...He knows our every thought. I have seen His goodness, and I trust Him.

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Alanna, Robert and Company said...

The mix of emotions you describe is so familiar to me. I am excited for you all, though. This could be a great time for you all. Tim's population of clients is not so different from mine. Can't wait to hear his stories!

Kathy said...

How exciting! I am so stoked for the new directions God is paving in your lives--you, Ms. Music Teacher, Tim--Prison Chaplain, WOW!, and the boys of such obedient parents! Change is HARD (yeah, I know a thing or two about that, don't I?) but God's blessings aren't as abundant when we're just coasting, are they? LOVE you all and praying for a mercifully smooth transition.