Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I love him.

On this Valentine's Day, I'm feeling grateful...
...for a man who loves me, who doesn't ever lie to me, who is FUN, who thinks of me before himself, who loves Jesus with all of his heart, who is a fantastic Dad, who is passionate (about me and other things..haha!), who is MINE

...and yet, I'm also grateful that I don't need him to live, that he reminds me that if something were to happen to him, I would be okay, that he is not my Savior even though I sometimes mistakenly think of him this way

It's a great feeling, this fantastic love that points me to the love of a Savior who I DO need to live

My loverboy, modeling his duct tape tie from Isaac


Melissa Milbourn said...

i like it. the article and the tie : )

Monica said...

What a blessing and an encouragement you both are.