Friday, May 4, 2012

Fifteen Things...

1.  I accomplished Day 1 of Couch to 5k today.
2.  Even though I loathe exercising, I always always ALWAYS feel so good after I do it.
3.  I ate a brownie and a bowl of ice cream after supper.
4.  My boys are on their 7th episode of The Avengers because they are so excited about the movie tomorrow night.
5.  It is ok with me if they keep watching it until bedtime.
6.  My husband and I had a fight about money tonight.
7.  Actually, I fought, and he listened and responded patiently.
8.  I hate it when he does that.
9.  Tomorrow is Opening Day of baseball for our town.
10.  Baseball is my favorite sport to watch my boys play.
11.  There are only 8 more regular days of school.
12.  At this point, no school day is actually "regular".
13.  I'm wearing a pair of cut-off sweats that one of my college room mates was going to throw away 10 years ago but instead gave to me.
14.  Clearly, I need a shopping trip (see #6...haha!).
15.  I am thankful for my wise husband (see #7).

And, because no post is quite as exciting if it doesn't have a photo, I'll leave you with this...I got up on the roof of south school to take a picture of the whole school for next year's handbook.  They told me to photoshop myself in, but, sadly, they did not choose to use this version for the handbook.  I am still not sure what the problem is???

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