Friday, July 20, 2012

Vacation With Three Boys

Simon took this picture of me.  He was so much fun on vacation.  He no longer needs swim diapers or a stroller.  He's one of the big boys now.  He doesn't even really need his floaties, but mama still made him wear them occasionally.  He loved the beach, and would spend almost an hour making things in the sand all by himself.  He loved to help me take pictures, too (see picture of me with my tongue out!!).

Isaac has officially become a young man.  He enjoyed the freedom of being older...going up to the hotel room by himself while the rest of us were swimming, staying up a little later than the other two, reading for hours in the car.  I love that he was thoughtful on this trip, offering to take his brothers to the room so Daddy and I could read by the pool, not asking for every trinket we passed by.  He found out that he loves crab legs, so he and I ordered them together every chance we got.

Ezra was always ready to throw the football or the baseball every time the car stopped or he stepped out onto the beach.  He also began a love affair with ESPN.  We don't get channels at home, so this mama realized that if we did, this house full of boys would have the TV on ESPN most of the time!!  I see channels in our future! ;)  I loved on this trip that Ezra was always ready for a party and made everything we did so much fun.

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Kathy said...

So precious! These vacations are truly something to treasure, aren't they. :-)