Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our Baby Is No Longer A Baby

Simon started preschool today.  I wasn't sad, but I was a bit nostalgic.  We are ready and excited to have "big kids", but there's something about knowing there will be no more strollers, diapers, nursing, baby blankets, passies, etc. that makes this mama just a wee bit sad....not sad enough to cry, but a little sad nonetheless.

Simon was all "big boy" today, ready to go and excited.  He didn't really want his picture taken, but Daddy told him he didn't have a choice (God bless Daddy!!).  So, he compromised by standing behind the small brown chair...I guess he thought he won the battle if part of his legs were not showing???

The Wood boys have a tradition of a "thumbs up" picture with Daddy on the first day of preschool.  Actually, I don't really think its a tradition, but somehow we've done it with all three.  Maybe Daddy is just a thumbs-up type of guy.  I love that these three boys are all so different, but every single picture shows that great Daddy of theirs.  I love these men...


Kathy said...

OMGosh, those pix are soooo precious. PRECIOUS! (Is it just me or does Simon look older than the other two on their first days? Like, he could pass for a 1st grader or something. Wonder if it's because his hair's shorter.)

JenniferLayne said...

Kathy...I think Simon looks a lot older too. Isaac was 3 1/2, Ezra had just turned 4, and Simon is 4 1/2. I guess that year 4 really makes a difference!!!!