Sunday, October 14, 2012


What a super-fun night.  So many of the people we love the most all in one room together eating yummy food and talking about great memories.  We felt so loved and honored to be appreciated and celebrated by the FCC Church family tonight.  Thank you for speaking into our lives.  Thank you for your presence.  Thank you for your cards.  Thank you for the pictures...oh, the pictures!!!  Thank you for being on the journey with us.  We are grateful that our paths still cross on a regular basis.  We are grateful, too, for the years  God chose to place us in youth ministry at First Christian Church.  We came as young kids with a brand new baby.  Now we're old[er] with 3 sweet boys in the house and such a great group of "big kids" we get to watch become adults.  We remain...thankful. 

I love this man.  I can't believe I get to do life with
him  I am a blessed woman.

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