Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Just some things that are true...

1.  My favorite movie ever is Pretty Woman and I can quote it, nearly word for word.  Yes, I know it's about a prostitute, and I feel no guilt.

2.  We rarely, if ever, shovel snow when it snows.  I apologize now to any former, current, or future postman who delivers to our house.

3.  I don't recall ever teaching my boys their letters or numbers, but somehow they have all learned them.

4.  I never pay attention to when our boys bathe.  Luckily, my sweet husband does.

5.  I LOVE coffee of all kinds, any time of day, and always always ALWAYS in fun mugs.

6.  I get giddy when we have snow days.

7.  I kind of hope I get to feel giddy tomorrow morning.

8.  I love nights at home with my four boys.

9.  I love nights out on the town with friends.

10.  I really love old things.

11.  I prefer new underwear, though.

12.  I am sometimes inappropriate, often prideful, and quite often too worried about myself.

13.  I am utterly hopeless without a Savior, and saved only by his grace.

1 comment:

Jacki said...

Love this! I can totally relate to a few of these for sure!!! I think we're more alike than I realized. :) Miss you!