Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Love Does Stuff

Sometimes, Mr. Wood says really smart things.  I like that.  He's hot when he's smart.  We go on a lunch date every Tuesday.  It might be the only time all week that we actually say full sentences to each other without interruption.  I look forward to Tuesdays because of our lunch date (well, and because my class has Art at 2:00 until the end of the day...bless you, Mr. Green).

Today, in between bites of pepperoni pizza, Mr. Wood said something that jolted me.  We were talking about when something wrong or unjust or just not ok is happening and someone has the authority or position to really do something about it and they just don't, for whatever reason.  (Incidentally, we were not talking about when someone does NOT have authority or position to do something about it and just chooses to be loud or obnoxious about something they really have no business being loud or obnoxious about.)  Anyway, back to it...Mr. Wood said "I don't think they really love the person they say they care about if they don't take any action".

It stopped me in my tracks.  Who in my life do I say I care about or love, but when the rubber hits the road, I'm not willing to go the extra mile or do the uncomfortable or weird thing it takes to protect, stand up for, and really LOVE them?  Love with words is easy; love with actions is often more difficult.  When something "not ok" is happening to someone I claim to love and I am in a position of authority or leadership in which I am allowed to do something about it, love demands that I do the thing, even when it's hard.

“Love and say it with your life.” ― Augustine of Hippo

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