Sunday, August 3, 2008

Oh, wow. It feels good to be home. Simon is asleep...the big boys are watching a movie and hopefully drifting off...Tim fell asleep on the loveseat...and I am loving the quiet of the house.

We've been at The Institute this week--a summer program we do at our church for students who would like to go deeper. We had eleven kids this year, and we discussed the book Adventures in Missing the Point by Brian Mclaren and Tony Campolo. We had some fantastic discussions--don't ever let anyone tell you that teenagers can't think deeply. It is an honor to be involved in their lives.

Tomorrow, we will rest up, do the laundry, buy some groceries, wash some sheets, air up the air mattresses, and make a peach pie cause, as Grammie says, "Company's coming up the road." Tim's Grandma (GG, as we call her), uncle, aunt, cousin, husband of cousin, and baby of cousin are all coming in this week. I'm predicting we will eat and laugh a lot.

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