Tuesday, November 18, 2008

These things were actually said by us this week...

***warning: this post contains the word "poop"***

"Ezra, please stop sucking on Simon." ---Jennifer

"Oh, yeah, mom...it's McTeacher Night. Can we go to McDonalds? (as we're finishing the soup I made for supper)" ---Isaac

"Owww...it's hurting to poop...it always does that when I save my poop up for too long and it gets too big." ---Ezra

"Oh, yeah, I did that when I was little...when I was 2 (after I asked why there were chalk marks on the red wall in his room)" ---Ezra

"Do I really have to take a shower? (knowing he hasn't had a shower in longer than I care to admit here on cyberspace)" ----Isaac

"Mom...we need to buy a cowboy outfit for Joel who lives with Jacki. I think his mom said he's from Haiti. (after I explained to him that kids in Haiti don't have lots of toys and clothes like we do)" ---Ezra

By the way, Joel is not really from Haiti as far as I know. It seems to me that he has plenty of toys and clothes, although I guess a kid could always use more. His skin color really seems to give him away, too, but I guess you never know....maybe Ezra is up on something I don't know...maybe I need to get that cowboy outfit in the mail.

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Jen K said...

Sounds like an action packed week! I love the McTeacher night one because the exact same thing happened to us on the last McTeacher night thing and then "I" was the bad guy for not remembering - go figure!

Hey, who knows - Ezra might have his own cowboy outfit mission to Haiti someday - stranger things have happened! I can see it on CNN now..."New trendy craze takes over Haiti as Ezra Wood showers the villagers with 10 million random cowboy outfits that he brought from the USA...film at 11".

Have a great day!

Jacki said...

What in the world?! Where did he come up with Joel being from Haiti?! What an active little imagination. We do actually sponsor a boy in Haiti named Lovenson, so maybe Ezra saw him on our fridge, asked about it, and got confused. I'm sure Lovenson would appreciate a cowboy outfit if he wanted to send him one, though!

Alana said...

I love that we have these blogs to document the funny things they say!