Sunday, December 21, 2008

We're in Cambodia!!!

Exactly 48 hours after leaving home, we finally arrived at Uncle Dave, Auntie, Asia, and Austin's house in Battambang.  We are having an absolute blast!!  We are thrilled that the boys' world-views are being shaped in incredible ways.  Just knowing that there's a big world out there that's a lot different from home but still has real people who are not much different from us will change their lives.

This is our first Cambodian restaurant experience.  Ezra nearly went out of his mind when he found out that our meals here are all going to be like Happy China...he started squealing with delight.  One nice perk about the restaurants here is that the girls who work there come and take the babies while we eat and don't bring them back unless they, all that to say we're paying Simon not to cry while we eat!!!

Denny...this picture is for you.  I just want you to be aware that Tim's sleeping talents go cross-cultural!!!  (wait, he wants me to add here that he was up with the two younger boys from 4:30 to 8:
30 am while I slept in--Thank you, Tim!!!!)

More to come later.

We love you all.

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Jen K said...

Happy China every day...I love it! Avery would be in heaven too!! I think that EVERY restaurant should have that same policy - how cool is that? I might be able to actually eat an entire meal while it's still warm. :)

This trip is so amazing for you guys & I can't wait to hear/see more!

Melissa Milbourn said...

I don't know how you say "battambang" but I say it as if it were the beat that the drummer makes after someone tells a joke...battam-BANG

Have fun!

Denny said...

It looks like you are all having fun! Enjoy your weather-it looks really warm, since you all have on short sleeves and onesies...well I mean the little ones do..Its 4 degrees here with a wind chill of
-20 or so as I'm typing this. I'm ready to catch a plane to come join u. :) Have fun! Can't wait to see more..
PS. glad to see Tim is getting his naps in while you are there!!

Angie said...

What a way to spend Christmas! it seems like just yesterday you were talking about going and it was so far in the future...and now it's here! TIme flies, doesn't it? Praying you have a fantastic visit!
Enjoy the peaceful meals! I can just hear ezra's squeals of delight! :)
Love - Angie

Paula said...

So glad you're finally there! I hope you enjoy every minute with your family and have a wonderful Christmas. Thought a lot about you the past few days and wondered where you were and when you'd get there! Sorry that you're missing this wonderful weather here in the midwest! (Not really!!)

Can't wait to see more!

Monica said...

How wonderful!! Have a great time.

Gretchen said...

Friday after school Brenna said "Can we have dinner with the Wood's? We haven't gotten to in a while." I said "sure we will just have to hop on a plane and fly to Cambodia, but I don't mind. And it won't be dinner tonight :)" She had forgotten that you guys had left town! Have a great time and tell Patricia and Dave Merry Christmas!