Monday, February 9, 2009

Cousin Lori, are you out there??

Some of you may remember cousin Lori who reads my blog every day and is often disappointed, I am sure, to find that there is nothing new. I am so sad about something. I just now finally made it through the HUGE basket of mail that accumulated while I was gone for five whole weeks..... Please let me digress here and say that if I should happen to die before Tim, would someone please help him open the mail. I am dreadfully afraid that, although our laundry would likely be kept up better and the boys would eat at home more, our mail would NEVER get opened. So, girls, I'm trusting you to help me on this, okay??

Anyway, back to the subject at hand, in the HUGE basket of mail, I found that my Christmas card to cousin Lori and her sweet family was returned!! Have I put the wrong address on it?? Did they move to San Antonio or something?? Cousin Lori, please know that you were not left off the list. I have a picture of our boys that is longing to hang on your refrigerator. I will check the address tomorrow and try to send it again. Just hold on a few more's coming.

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Lori said...

Hi Jennifer, I am here. Just wanted you to know I haven't moved, at least not that I know about. Still 1524 21st. This is my first time responding to a blog. Hope I am doing it right. I enjoyed all the news about your trip. Wow, what an experience!! Look forward to hearing more about it and also seeing the picture. Love always, Cousin Lori