Tuesday, January 27, 2009

27 Random Things About Me

I'm still feeling too overwhelmed, or maybe lazy, to write more about our trip. So, here's a list just for fun...

1. I am an only child, spoiled rotten. Tim pities the spouses of only children.
2. I love Little House on the Prairie and I would like to still be able to climb on my Dad's lap for the sad or scary parts.
3. I wish we would have vacationed more before we had kids, but I love vacationing with our kids.
4. I love almost any kind of coffee, from strong and black to the fanciest concoction at Starbucks.
5. I enjoy watching high school sports, and I like to yell really loud and sometimes rude things. Tim often gets up to sit somewhere else when I do this.
6. I love to turn my ipod up really loud and read my Bible and pray, but I can easily find a reason not to do it every day.
7. Stepping out of a pool, sitting on my cabana chair with a view of the ocean, picking up my fluffy novel, and having a wonderful server person bring me a strawberry margarita (or even a strawberry slushy will do!) is my idea of a good time.
8. I enjoy playing games, but I always forget that I enjoy it until I'm doing it.
9. I love McDonalds, and I would eat there for every meal. Thankfully, my sweet husband rescues me from heartburn, weight gain, and debt.
10. When I go into a hotel room, I have to try out every light switch, button, and remote. My mama says I have done this since I was very small.
11. I never, and I mean never, use a straw.
12. I got all As in high school and a really high score on the ACT, but, curiously, no one seems to care about that now even though it was such a big deal then.
13. I used to ride, lying down, up in the back window of my parents' Cadillac. My mom once hit the car in front of us because I was stuck in the window and she was trying to get me out.
14. My bathroom floor is plywood, but I rarely notice because the sink, toilet, shower, and whirlpool tub all work great.
15. Tim says we're going to eat at McDonald's less this year so that our bathroom floor will no longer be plywood.
16. I have 3 sons and a husband, but, thankfully, the dog is a girl, so I'm not totally outnumbered.
17. My very favorite memory from childhood is getting fish sandwiches and Dr. Peppers from a hole in the wall restaurant every time we drove to my Grandma's. No matter what time of day, my Dad always stopped.
18. I make Tim stop to get fish sandwiches every time we drive on that road.
19. Every summer during college, someone close to me died...good thing college finally ended!!20. I love being the mama of boys.
21. We have enough swords and guns in our house to outfit a small army.
22. We don't get any TV channels, but we watch lots of shows and movies (internet and dvds).
23. I can not handle movies or news coverage about tragedies. In fact, I still haven't seen any video footage of 9/11.
24. Jesus gives me life.
25. My favorite movie ever is Pretty Woman, and I can say the lines before they do.
26. The first time I was ever kissed was right after Tim asked me to marry him.
27. It was Tim who kissed me, by the way.

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Melissa Milbourn said...

If you ever decide to drink a strawberry margarita, and THEN climb into the back window of a car NOW, call me over first because I want to watch. LOL