Thursday, September 8, 2011

Top Ten Things I've learned from working in the Lunch Room

Part of my duties as a music teacher include working in the lunch room for kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade lunch.  While I love seeing those sweet little faces munching their food every day, I most appreciate the wisdom I've gained from my time in the lunch room.
10.  Steak bites may or may not have any real meat in them.
 9.  Barbecue Sauce and ketchup can make anything taste ok.
 8.  There are very few lunch buckets on pizza day.
 7.  All parents should be required to practice opening food packages with their children at home.
 6.  Those brown things that schools call paper towels don't actually absorb anything.
 5.  Some people in the world have the gift of packing great school lunches.
 4.  Other people really don't.
 3.  Parents have no idea the amount of food their kids are throwing away every day.
 2.  I still wish Carson Foley's mom would pack MY lunch every day!!!!
 1.  All lunch room workers have sweaty arm pits by the end of lunch (well, at least this lunch room worker does

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Angie said...

Totally laughing out loud! Only those who've been there understand!