Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We just couldn't make ourselves go inside.

We spent most of our Labor Day outside.  It was SO beautiful out there.  Tim and Isaac dug up two giant stumps (well, they weren't giant before they dug them up, but they sure did look huge once they were out of the ground).  We built a fire early in the day and then built it back up again after our picnic supper so we could stay warm and make s'mores.  I LOVE days like this...

Simon guards the bowl of peanuts.

Ezra busts a move while helping Isaac build the fire.

Yes, that is a Christmas tub the IBCs are chilling in...my other tub was full of books and I didn't feel like emptying it!!

sneaking some chips before supper

Isaac the firebug

Daddy sipping tea

I have no idea what's going on here...not sure I want to know!!

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Debra Marrs said...

If there's such a thing as heaven on Earth, a day like this, shared with your boys has to come very very close to it. Love it!