Friday, June 8, 2012


Seven years ago today, you came bounding into our family, Ezra James Wood.  We have never been the same.  You have brought joy.  You have brought so very much laughter.  You are legitimately funny, not even just funny in a little kid sort of are VERY funny.

You speak the truth.  You never hurt people intentionally.  Sometimes you mistakenly think that it is all about you, but you realize later when you have been wrong and you always think to say sorry.  You love your brothers and your Daddy and me with a deep and real love.

You know a lot about sports and you play them with passion.  You know the plays on a football field before they ever happen just by the way the guys are lined up.  You can pitch a baseball like nobody's business.  You are good at sports, but you are also patient and very excited when your team mates do well.

I adore you, my second son.  Your face lights up my world.  I am thankful God chose to give you to our family for these years.  You make us more like Jesus.

Love, Mama

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