Friday, June 29, 2012


...for air conditioning

...for the mild weather we've had so far this year and lots of picnics like this one

...for the season of life we are in

...for a trip to Holiday World with no nursing, swim diapers, or strollers!!!

...for a God who SEES us, LOVES us, CARES about our deepest pains as well as the shallow ones

...for vacation coming soon

...for days at home in our jammies

...for the WORD that is living and active

...for Jesus, our savior, redeemer, our hope

...for a big boy in our house who loves Jesus and loves his little brothers

...for the little brothers--the joy and laughs they bring

...for big kids in our lives...too many to list, but SO grateful for ALL of them!

...for Family Video free movies from report card As :)

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Debra Marrs said...

Amen, Jennifer. You're such a good writer. Thanks for all the sweetness you bring to the web. I love your photography!