Monday, June 24, 2013

On growing...

Recently our family has had a situation in which I have not felt like acting very much like Jesus. Isaac, on the other hand, has been the picture of grace, humble strength, and Christ-likeness. I have learned from and been convicted by his choices.

How did this happen before my very eyes? This baby I rocked and cuddled has become my brother in the kingdom, leading me when I'm not sure what the next move should be, gently correcting me when my moves are selfish and my motives impure.

Isaac, in response to Tim's thoughts on the situation and a possible scenario, responded to Tim, "I'd like to pray about it first." So this morning, Tim said to me, "there is a sense in which he is his own man now. Of course, we are still his parents and his authority, but he has a greater Father."

Yes, he does, and it's what I want for him and what we've worked for and prayed for, but there are moments when I'd like for that man-child to go back to being a baby whose issues could be solved by nursing, rocking, and singing to him.

And so we go on...navigating this world together, a world that is not our home. We long for heaven together and we spur each other on...well, Isaac spurring and me pouting under my breath.


Karen said...

How beautiful! Each time I read what you write, Dijj . . . . or watch you and Tim parent your boys . . . I am overwhelmed to the point of actually shedding tears as I think about the wonderful gift God has given those boys in you! I love you so!

Michele McIntosh said...

Jennifer...I, too, am always in awe if your writing, but also your parenting skills. Can you come to my house and parent me? Your children are truly blessed to have you and Tim.