Saturday, August 24, 2013


Due to a glitch in my digital family calendar, an added football game my typically responsible 12 year old didn't mention, and a bit of pure forgetfulness on my part, today quickly changed from a day with almost nowhere to be into a day of running to and fro and being busy almost every minute.  I got grumpy as soon as I realized what was happening...really grumpy.  Somewhere in the midst of my grumpiness, a blog came to mind that I read months ago.  It was written by a busy mom who had been diagnosed with cancer and was in a season of her cancer where she was pretty much at home all of the time.  She wrote about missing the busy days of driving kids to and fro.  I haven't thought about that blog in months, but it came to mind at just the right time today.  My grumpiness vanished almost instantly.   I became grateful for the day, grateful for the beauty of the outside I was now enjoying, grateful for healthy boys, grateful for it all. reminds me to be thankful for all of it.

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