Monday, February 7, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys

The Wood boys (the three oldest...that would be Tim, Isaac, and Ezra) thought a snow fort was in order after the latest snow. Ezra and Tim spent several hours outside the first day, designing and creating the fort. When Isaac got home from a day of helping Bubba (family friend for anyone wondering, aka "Jonathan") do some construction work (yay, Bubba, thanks for helping us build men outta these boys!!), he was so excited to see all of the work done on the fort.

The next day, Isaac and Ezra went to work, constructing rooms and doors. Ezra wanted to sleep in the fort, and I think Tim still has plans for a chimney and a fire. I'm feeling thankful for fun boys, for a super fun Daddy, and for my cozy couch which kept me company while I read my book during all of these shenanigans!!

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Monica said...

Don't you love it? Sean made a luge in our backyard and played with the kids for hours. I watched from the window in my fuzzy coat, drank tea and took pictures:)