Friday, February 11, 2011

Just Do The Next Thing

This mom was feeling a little overwhelmed by life this afternoon. The house is bursting with dust bunnies and clean clothes and dirty clothes and little boys' toys and dirty dishes and small appliances needing wiped off and put away.

I found myself repeating in my mind "Just take care of each little space. Don't think about the other things to do until that little space is done." My sweet friend Brenda passed on this little nugget of wisdom which she learned from her grandma. It has saved me from myself many times. Rather than feeling paralyzed by the monster in front of me, I am choosing to take care of one little space. The good news is that those little spaces add up. The mudroom looks great now, and the kitchen isn't too far behind.

P.S. Do you like my new highlights?? A 1st grader told me this morning that I looked like I transformed into beautiful!! hahaha! Don't you just love those little boogers??

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Brian, Beth, Garrett, Lucy and Brooks said...

the highlights are gorgeous. i'm coveting them as i type. i'm trying to let a bunch of my gray hair grow out b/f doing my next round of color. & i LOVE the perspective! thanks for sharing that.

Monica said...

I'm so relating right now (as I ignore my kitchen and considering going out for dinner). I'll be keeping that little phrase in my head now, too. Thanks.

Mom on the Go said...

great post jen! thanks ;-)

The Anderson's said...

So understanding this post and I only have one little one!! Lol!!

Marsha said...

Did Ezra take this pic too?! Heehee I feel like this is what I look like to my child half the time! :(