Monday, April 2, 2012

Project Treehouse: Day 2

Day 2 proved to be more exciting than Day 1 in the progress department.

Isaac working on the 10 inch lag screw
(none of us even knew what a lag screw was!!)

the foremen discussing our next move

I have no idea what was happening here,
but I thought it was a funny picture.

No project at the Wood house can
be tackled without the jar of Cheez-its!!!

Ezra takes a turn on the lag screw

Check it out...its a full square.  We can't get on it yet,
but it sure does look like we know what we're doing.
I had to take this picture the next morning because we
finished this at about 9 pm with Ezra holding a
flashlight while Isaac, Mama, and our friend
Nicole held up really heavy boards and Daddy
balanced precariously on a ladder with a drill.
It would have been a sight to behold.
Oh yeah, and Simon was on the patio
eating Cheez-its!!!!!

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The Conductor said...

I always wanted a tree house when I was little. My dad would always start one, and he moved before he ever committed enough to complete it. Although I clearly got over that, :P it was still a wish that never came true. I'm living vicariously through your beautiful family. :)