Sunday, April 22, 2012

Three Boys

I really love am obsessed with pictures of all three of our boys.  I will never need to wallpaper my house because the walls are filled obnoxiously covered with pictures of the three of them.  So, I recently had the idea to do a blog post with pictures of the three of them from the time there first were three of them (when Simon was born) until now.  This was a fun trip down memory lane, with a little sadness that they will never be this little again, but mostly a lot of excitement about the boys they are now and what they will become.  Before Isaac was born, a wise friend told us that every stage just gets more and more fun, and she was so right!!!

in the hospital, soon after Simon was born

hanging out on the porch at home

on the porch again, dressed up for church

the 3 chipmunks for Halloween

our Christmas card picture 2008

Easter 2009

hanging out at home

visiting the Enkoffs

a photo shoot outside

and a photo shoot inside

playing in the snow

spring break 2010 trip to St Louis

Easter 2010

Disney World summer 2010 to celebrate 
Daddy's MDiv graduation

three sporty boys summer 2010

St George Island Summer 2010

hiking at Turkey Run on Daddy's last Sunday 
working at First Christian Church

Christmas 2010

Deming Park Summer 2011

Milligan College Fall 2011

Christmas Card picture 2011

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The Anderson's said...

Love this post, as a newly post partum momma this post made me smile through all the crazy emotions i am experiencing. I cant believe how big my big girl is and how fast Selah is growing already. I worry about Jayda as we have changed her life forever by adding a sibling but after looking @ these pics of these handsome boys i see that life with siblings is grand, and that even though they grow so fast there are lots of memories to be made just have to breathe and enjoy. Love reading your posts!!!!