Friday, April 6, 2012

Project Treehouse: Day 6

This was our last official work day before Daddy goes back to his real job tomorrow.  We were hoping to get the knee braces put up, the trap door framed out, one remaining floor support up, and the floor boards up.  We got the knee braces, the floor support, and a few floor boards done, and Daddy says we can finish the trap door and the floor boards when he gets home from work on Saturday.  Friday night he has to work late because of the Passover meal...we are not Jewish, but he gets to have a Passover meal with some Jewish folks which he loves...but, well, that's a story for another day.

Anyway, Day 6 was a lot of fun.  We spent the day outside with a fire all day because it was a bit chilly.  For lunch we cooked eggs and sausage over the fire, and for supper we roasted hot dogs.  We even made "fire coffee" (Ezra coined this new phrase) which everyone loves except Daddy (although some of us require more cream in it than others to like it!!).

Isaac was determined to do the entire
bolt by himself, and he did.

...and little brother, not to be left out,
did this whole bolt by himself.
We decided not to tell him that his
was three inches shorter than Isaac's.

Enjoying "fire coffee"

the high-tech "fire coffee" operation

Silly faces for the camera

The knee braces are finished.

Oh, wait, NOW the knee braces are finished.

Daddy starts on the floor boards.

Floor boards mean we are getting closer to a finished platform.

LOVE this boy.

Drilling in those floor boards


Anonymous said...

Hi. Thanks for the post. I am planning a tree house for my kids. What is the name of the bracket used to support the bottom of the knee brace (the one Isaac is screwing in the the photo)? I'm having trouble locating that part.

Anonymous said...

Well done on the treehouse! I have a similar design about halfway built, and I'm curious: how did you handle the slight "twisting-around-the-tree" effect? Did it disappear after laying down the flooring, or did you need to add additional bracing or cabling? Thanks!