Thursday, April 5, 2012

Project Treehouse: Day 5

What a fun day!!!   Not only did we get interviewed by our local news station (see the story here), but we got quite a bit of work done as well.  The pictures look about the same as previous days, but we cut out the hole for the fire pole as well as put in the remaining supports in the platform.

Ezra gets the tools ready before the news crew arrives.

Daddy is the first to be interviewed.  He swallowed
a bug while he was talking which was pretty funny.

The boys watch Daddy's interview

Of course, Simon is eating Cheez-its.
The cameraman included this in the
video for the news story which was
hilarious to us.

Gina was so sweet and fun.

Besides eating Cheez-its, Simon also
made funny faces.  His job is to
keep us all laughing.

We actually got two support beams 
put up while they were filming.

Isaac was feeling a little sheepish about being 
interviewed, but he did a fabulous job!

Our work is done...we had a blast and made two
new friends!!  We wish you could come every day,
Gina and Tony!!!

Great memories for this family.
We are grateful.

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